Xbox live arcade dating sim Norvec ciplak kizlar

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Sort of like: The Adventures of Lolo (NES) Why I like it: Crystal Hunters is an intelligently designed game.

What could have made it better: It was practically begging for co-op.

This is incredibly stupid because X and V are not the most versatile letters. Who will like it: City planners who play crossword puzzles, crossword fans who aspire to be city planners, those little shits that make the Scripps finals.

Who won’t like it: Pepole hoo relie to munch un spel chek, the dude who was planning to make “Words of Warcraft”, Charlie Brown.

I’m not exactly a fan of the genre, so the fact that Wizorb held my interest until the end is kind of a miracle.

The only other brick-breaker that has done that for me is Shatter on Play Station Network.

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