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Excavations currently underway in Kanawha County for the Marmet Locks and Dam will provide additional information about Late Prehistoric farmers and the beginnings of the salt industry in West Virginia.Research interests of professional archaeologists and other individuals also contribute to our knowledge about the past.One of these is in Logan County; the other in Mingo County.More typically, cemeteries are listed in the National Register as parts of historic districts, in association with church properties, or as parts of rural farm properties.Efforts of other state agencies, federal agencies, CLGs, and individuals have contributed greatly to the inventory records SHPO staff maintain.Typically, resources are categorized as either archaeological in nature (those resources that exist below the ground’s surface) or structural (all those resources found above ground).A number of West Virginia’s archaeo-logical sites are listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Conducting surveys is a necessary step in the nomination process.

West Virginia has 13 cemeteries listed individually in the National Register of Historic Places.

These include two that are related to the Civil War (Grafton National Cemetery in Taylor County and Confederate Cemetery in Greenbrier County), two prehistoric burial mounds as well as two that are associated with the famous Hatfield-Mc Coy feuds.

The number of archaeological sites recorded varies widely from county to county, ranging from six sites in Calhoun County to 673 in Summers County.

These numbers are not an accurate reflection of the totality of archaeological sites that exist.

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