Who is vanessa bryant dating now

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While Kobe's high-profile career means his face is plastered on countless television screens and magazine covers, Vanessa rarely gives interviews.

What we do know is that she has been deemed an ice queen by sports fans for the deathly stare she gave Kobe as he fessed up to committing adultery when he was charged with sexual assault in December 2003.

"If you're sacrificing time away from my family and myself for the benefit of winning championships, then winning a championship should happen every single year." eported. Still, many people were up in arms by her statement, but Vanessa had already retreated back into the confines of her sheltered and privileged life to be bothered to offer up an explanation.

Instead, took it upon themselves to respond on her behalf.

And you're treated like royalty around the Lakers' arena, the Staples Center.

when her husband was still on the Lakers' roster — Vanessa Bryant boasted about having elite "access" around the venue that other players' wives weren't blessed with.

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She went on to add she was granted access because she didn't like giving Kobe a smooch after his games "in front of all the cameras." So she was allowed to hide out in the tunnel to "get away from [the cameras]." .

described as a "10th grade drop-out," was seeking spousal support from Stephen, since Kobe and Vanessa had reportedly stopped giving her financial support.

Throughout the years, Vanessa and her husband had showered Sophia with gifts, including "a 0,000 retirement nest egg, a ,000 Mercedes Benz, and ,000 in furniture." reported the generosity went way further than that though.

But one characteristic people fail to celebrate is her intense loyalty and her dedication as a wife and mother.

From struggling to receive her in-laws' blessings to the top-notch treatment she received at the Lakers' arena, here's the untold truth of Kobe Bryant's wife.

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