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He gets upstairs and says hello to everyone and tells Nicole that he needs to shower before they go into the “smush room”.Jionni showers and they go into the room to “get busy”.They arrive at the new club and Mike asks if Jionni is giving him dirty looks.Nicole tells him that he isn’t and that he needs to relax.Jionni tells Nicole that he loves her and they kiss.Nicole picks up on Mike’s aggression toward Jionni and says that she doesn’t like it.She tells that she is moving on to the next and calls Nick, a guy that she really likes. Nicole is not happy that Nick isn’t wanting to go out with her because of the hook up with Juliani the other night.

Vinny and Pauley tease her and when Jionni shows up, Nicole runs into his arms.He asks her to go to house with him and she agrees. Pauly attempts to leave when a man comes up with Jionni. She gets her things and tells Vinny to call her, but of course, Vinny doesn’t like that fact and won’t call her back.But later at the house when Vinny tells Pauly that he is going to get the blow horn to alert Seaside that they have a grenade at the Jersey Shore. (Drunk Punch Love) at Karma that night when Nicole meets him on the dance floor and starts dancing with him right away and soon that's lead to him and her making out and then Nicole takes him home.Mike is on edge because he thinks that he and Jionni have beef and he says that he is going to kick him if he gets too close to him or wants to fight.The roommates tell him to relax and that nothing is going to happen.

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