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This is where We Chat poses a potential competitive threat to Weibo.

But although We Chat might seem more private, it is also targeted by governmental campaigns.

In this sense, We Chat is very similar to Whatsapp, allowing users to transfer pictures, videos or speech, and enabling group chat.

It is noteworthy to say that, different from Whatsapp, We Chat’s voice message service is commonly used in China.

The app is an “unstoppable marketing method” for companies (Wang 2014, 3); We Chat allows them to reach their customers in versatile ways.

Not only does We Chat allow companies to minimize the gap with their customers and maintain relations, it also lets them reach out to new clients and explore new ways of marketing (Fang 2014, 3-5).

We Chat Basic Functions: Amongst its millions of users, there are 100.000s of companies that have registered with We Chat.

The question remains: if Weibo and We Chat are so different, why are they always compared to each other? Sina Weibo is a social media platform, both a website and mobile phone application, that allows users to share updates in text or image with one’s ‘followers’ in a unidirectional follower/followee network.

‘Weibo’ literally means ‘micro-blog’ and ‘Weixin’ literally means ‘micro-message’.

Although the platforms are very different, We Chat actually is a real competition to Sina Weibo.

If Weibo is like an open market place where everyone can see what you say, We Chat is like a private living room where only the ones invited there have access to updates.

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