Validating gst numbers

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The structure or format of 15 digit GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number) will look like below.

First two Digits-The first digit of GSTIN is state code as per Indian Census 2011.

The QST registration number has 16 characters: ten digits, followed by the letters TQ and four more digits.

The six last characters are notably used to identify divisions of a given corporation.

You can consult online Revenu Québec's database in order to validate the QST registration number.

Paragraph 169(4)a) of the provide that a registrant may not claim an input tax credit (ITC) or an input tax refund (ITR) for a reporting period unless, before filing the return in which the ITC or the ITR is claimed, the registrant obtains the required prescribed information.

It is interesting to note that the regulations do not require that all the required information be on a single document.

During an APFF symposium, a Revenu Québec representative confirmed that the prescribed information could be displayed on different documents as long as those documents are all available at the time the claim is made.

Let say the company ABC registered in the same state for 5 times for different businesses. Let us assume, the same company registered for around 15 times, then it should be represented as F (1-9 numeric and later on 10th registration be named as A and 11th as B and so on up to Z).

But generating GST Bill and collecting the money from customers.

Following the below process, you can verify the verify fake GST Bill and GST number.

The last 4 digits of the registration number is seldom provided by suppliers, however you should note that the extension TQ0001 is the more commonly used.

The search engine will first process only the first ten digits.

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