Updating slackware 12

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I have most of the current stuff running and it is all quite stable, though I can't say about kde since I don't run it.

I agree on the gcc-3.0.4 even though it is the last release before the 3.1.x series, don't use it unless you have a specific reason, like compiling with Athlon optimization.

For example, you might want a swap partition, a root partition and a home partition.has a series of “Perfect Desktop” tutorials including one for a nice distribution named PCLinux OS. There’s also a website that tries to match people with a Linux distribution suitable for them at Linux Distribution Chooser.To follow this tutorial you should be familiar with navigating the file system with a file manager. If you’re not already familiar with using the command line please click here to read a simple introduction to it.Please backup ALL of your personal data before starting.To fully replace a Windows desktop, I would like the Slackware 12 desktop to have the following software installed: Download Slackware 12 and burn it onto a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM.

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