Updating nqs spool

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If something goes wrong, you might need to use nonstandard commands or track down which remote machine is executing your job, do a to learn its process id, and then do a kill.

Users moving to new departments or new jobs often find that they need to relearn a complex set of nonstandard commands, because their new organization uses a different batch processing system than what they're used to.

I was told that SPOOL is not a PL/SQL command so I guess I can't use it.

How can I write out the results of a SELECT statement to a file, while in PL/SQL.

The streamlining of the NQS has minimised conceptual overlap and duplication, resulting in a reduction from 18 to 15 standards and 58 to 40 elements while retaining the current features that promote quality.

Key concepts The concepts will support services to collaborate to identify strengths and opportunities for quality improvement, including engaging families and others in the community (such as local schools) in the process.

(Note: This is a simplified version of what I'm doing in reality, so I'm not trying to update the fnd_users table.) Your guidance/advice is very much appreciated.

The revised National Quality Standard (NQS) will come into effect on 1 February 2018.

These resources include: Familiarising yourself with the revised NQS The best place to start is by familiarising yourself with the legislative changes and the revised standards and elements in preparation for your annual self-assessment and review to update your Quality Improvement Plan (QIP).

For the first time, the revised NQS introduces key concepts for each standard and element.

These have been developed to support the sector unpack key ideas related to the NQS, as well as offering greater clarity that will strengthen quality outcomes for children.

To ensure your service is meeting all regulatory requirements, think about the need to reflect these changes in the following: If you are looking for an engaging and interactive way to learn more about the revised NQS, we have developed The Quest for Quality game – a capacity building tool that integrates an element of fun into professional discussions and critical reflection.

You can download the game from the ACECQA website or order a copy to be delivered.

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