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Some use Java Script, some use j Query, XML but that is it.There is very little of innovations for the server-side that may make the life of programmers easier. The Router selects the Controller and Action (mostly).Controller should handle user input, query and update the object model and prepare the data to be displayed.All Controllers should reside in the folder There is no Reflection in the VBScript and we don’t know whether there is a Controller class and it’s Action method out there. Router simply calls the Action method of the Controller object with VBScript So the Controller is instantiated and one of it's Actions is called. There may be a business logic of any kind in the controller.As an ASP developer you would probably create a set of pages to pull and display some data from the database, and a couple of pages to receive Forms with user input to update the database back. It is OK when the User interacts with the system in a simple way. You will have to create some sort of "Architecture" in your code to do not get totally lost in the code when the system is finished.When I say "Architecture" I mean some repetitive patterns of the code to handle the similar situations.Note: as opposed to NET MVC, where View is selected automatically, we need to directly point to the needed View. They reside in the folder with the same name as the Controller. There should be NO or absolute minimum of the logic in a View. They use a term Model to refer the data in MVC projects.The business of a View is to take the Model and display it to the user in the best way. There are broader and narrower meanings of Model term when we talk about MVC.

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Typically there is a logic to update/insert/delete/list records from/to database, but it may be literally anything there. At the end of Action, if you want to display soemthing (besides the static content of View) you need to initialize the variable Model and include the View as the last line of the Action.Controller should not have a user interface code or HTML markup.It is a good practice to avoid the SQL in the controller too.The reason is that the threshold for new developers is too high: What is easier for ASP developer: to write a new code with C# MVC or continue with ASP?Microsoft has dropped the support of ASP and there is a little of innovations this days.

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