Testing and validating the trait emotional intelligence questionnaire

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Such constructs might be mechanical, verbal or spatial ability, emotional stability or intelligence.

Correlations with other scales will provide useful information on a test’s construct validity (we would expect a scale of dominance to be more highly related to other measures of dominance than to traits of anxiety).

When constructing any test or questionnaire, the items should be representative of the domain to be measured.

testing and validating the trait emotional intelligence questionnaire-49

testing and validating the trait emotional intelligence questionnaire-37

” (from the MMPI) would probably be felt to have low face validity for occupational use.Typically assessment centres will include ability tests, personality questionnaires, role plays, case studies and an interview.The table below is based on a revisiting of the Hunter & Schmidt’s 1998 research as presented by Michael Smith (Testing People at Work, 2005) This graphic illustrates the relative effectiveness of the different types of method used in selection processes in terms of their ability to predict future job performance.Clearly it is relatively easy to label a scale ‘Leadership’ or ‘Honesty’ but it is quite another matter to demonstrate whether it really works.Content Validity (also known as logical validity) refers to the extent to which a measure represents all facets of the construct (e.g. For example, a depression scale may lack content validity if it only assesses the affective dimension of depression but fails to take into account the behavioural dimension.

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