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Shia La Beouf wife name is Mia Goth and they have been married since 2016.

Also, check his complete dating profile to know more about his ex girlfriends.

China Brezner, Isabel Lucas, Megan Fox and Carey Mulligan are just a few of the names that come to mind.

La Beouf is in a financially capable situation and till today still fully supports his parents financially.

He starred in movies like the 2003 where he did the voice of Cody Maverick.

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Just take a look at some titles in his filmography.He would later team up with Cage and Kid Cudi on several of their music videos in a directing capacity.See Also: Megan Fox Height, Weight And Body Measurements Shai La Beouf has seen a lot of success in entertainment, especially from his acting roles.His life wasn’t the easiest growing up having been born the only child to a Jewish mother and a Christian father.His mother Shayna La Beouf (formerly Saide) held multiple job descriptions at different times.

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