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As you know, electronic messages can be very personal and they also can be very impersonal.

I’m writing this message to let you know that my family is real.

There were four packing houses in Mentone to handle the large volume.

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Even though my wife has expressed her desire to get a divorce on almost a “monthly” basis, the individual that goes by member ID CA909 or CArmstrong909 on these websites is not divorced.There is a reason for this being called a "singles" website and there is a reason why "married" is not an option in the pull-down for marital status.It was probably a Freudian slip, but in her profile CA909 / CArmstrong909 mentions that money is “very” important to her but she neglects to mention that it is so important that after filing for a divorce she committed an offense by recently forging my signature on our "Federal" and State tax refund checks.It's residents are proud of their community and strive to maintain their independence.It is one of the last vestiges of orange production, that at one time was predominant in the Redlands, Mentone, Crafton and surrounding areas.

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