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Q: A: When an employee with a child support obligation through a local child support agency leaves your company, notify the local child support agency as soon as possible.

The Income Withholding Order includes a Termination Notice that can be sent to the local child support agency.

A complete explanation of these duties is outlined in an employer’s guide published by the state which is available to view by clicking the link below. Your question will be sent to a child support expert who will get back to you shortly with the answer you need.

- View the Child Support Employer Guide (PDF) We have EMPLOYER RESOURCES to assist: you an employer that has a question about child support? In the meantime, please visit our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS page.

Q: A: Employers who fail to withhold the amounts as specified on the Income Withholding Order may be found liable for the full amount of the support owed, plus a fine.

Under certain circumstances, a willful failure to withhold is punishable by contempt of court.

For assistance in redirecting payments from individuals to the SDU, employers are advised to call 1-866-901-3212 for assistance.

The employer must begin withholding the amount specified in the order no later than the first pay period occurring 10 days after receipt of the Income Withholding Order.Q: A: Generally, the maximum amount that can be withheld to satisfy an Income Withholding Order is 50% of an employee’s net disposable income.Net disposable income is the wages left after taxes and mandatory fees, includes but is not limited to: income taxes, Social Security/Medicare (FICA), unemployment insurance, union dues and mandatory retirement deductions.All insurance companies, however, must honor the National Medical Support Notice.If an employee refuses to sign an enrollment application, write “court ordered” in place of the employee’s signature.

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