Safety internet online dating statistics

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When you open your email one day, you might have 150 spam emails in your inbox as a result.

If a web site is asking for too much information about you, take control and leave the site.

You’ve probably come across some explicit sexual material on the Internet.

That’s because pornography is big business on the web. In real life, real people don't act that way with each other.

Writing “hate” emails, hacking into other people’s computers, illegally downloading music or movies and making online threats are just as illegal on the Internet as they are in the real world.

You cannot hide behind a screen name and get away with it.

If you do, you need to be wary of things that lurk on the dark side of the Internet.

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Probably not.) What about Nude Photos and Sex Sites?

People Live in "Fantasyland" Online Even though someone writes, “Hi, I’m a really cool 15-year-old guy from New York City,” in reality that guy may be a 60-year-old man or even your next-door neighbor. Your Information Can Be Sold to Others Every web site has this thing called a “privacy policy.” It will tell you how that web site uses all the personal information about you, like your name.

In some cases, though, when you’re not looking, some web sites ignore their privacy policy and sell your email address to other companies.

You have probably heard of someone’s computer being hacked, his or her identity being stolen online, or even having some embarrassing pictures posted online. Well, if you use the following Internet safety tips, you have a good chance of being right.

Don’t tell anyone your real name and address or what neighborhood you live in.

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