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This proves to be so intriguing to House that he sets out to conduct the first diagnostic test himself.During the test, Julia adamantly claims that they are a perfectly fine and happy couple.He confronts her regarding this, and they conclude that, while Sam was guilty of some of those things, it was mainly House who made it seem like that.Still, this eventually leads to a much bigger argument wherein they both mention details from their past marriage, and that culminates with Wilson calling Sam "a selfish bitch".Taub claims that he would not mind his wife also having an affair, saying he'd rather be jealous than a liar. He goes to the parking lot where a tearful Rachel apologetically takes back what she had said earlier, saying that all she could help but think all day about him being intimate with another woman and wouldn't be able to stand it.Taub reassures her that nothing happened and that all he needs is her, and goes home with her, relinquishing his "license" to date other women. Thirteen reveals to her that Tom has not actually slept with any other woman in the past year, and has lied to her in order to not make her feel bad. He brings flowers, which are from their personal garden.They wish they had this argument many years ago, believing it would have saved their marriage.They agree not to let House know about the effect he has had.

He shortly thereafter leaves after he is called on his pager, with Rachel disapproving.

He claims that he is doing this for Julia and compares it to other mundane activities (going to a concert with one's spouse even though one hates the music) that one does just to make one's partner happy.

House immediately concludes that he is lying and that Tom is somehow betraying his wife, not necessarily sexually, to even the score.

Towards the end of the episode, Wilson and Sam reconcile.

They both acknowledge that they have changed in the years since they met.

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