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She and Charles are re-united at the soup stand (all of our soups are gluten-free, says the sign) and, at the last stand in the market, finally get to taste the “Hog Roast” sandwich I told her about.After taking a few bites, the Prince calls out to the photographers, “You’ve all got to get one of these when we’re gone.”As the royal couple heads toward the town hall to unveil a plaque commemorating their visit, the Beefeaters click their heels, raise their rifles, and stand at attention; a military band strikes up a patriotic anthem; schoolboys wave Union Jacks; and little girls line up to hand the Duchess roses and carnations.I hope I’m offered one of those.” Then she rolls her eyes playfully.For the next hour, I follow the Duchess as she slowly makes her way around the market, displaying her familiarity with country life and putting in a good word for her husband as she goes. Did you know the Prince of Wales is patron of the organic Soil Association?The look is stylish but understated: pale-pink bouclé jacket, beige straight-cut skirt, three strands of modest pearls, beige medium heels, and a slim caramel-colored alligator handbag. ” As the wife of the market’s organizer, Felicity Davy, has explained to me while we were waiting, “people have mixed feelings,” even though “it’s pretty royalist around here out in the sticks.” But she, too, visibly brightens as she curtsies to the Duchess and presents her with a bouquet of white hydrangeas, calla lilies, and lilies of the valley.Her hair is blonder now, her makeup more expertly done, her once tentative smile broad and welcoming. As planned, Charles and Camilla then separate, so that he can work one side of the market and she the other.But since I have been a friend of her brother, the dashing adventurer and author Mark Shand, for years, I thought that if I could have access to her close friends and family—none of the friends I talked to had ever uttered a word on the record about her to the press—I might be able to discover what this brutally criticized and largely unknown figure was all about.One by one, some of her friends came around, but only after double-checking with Camilla.

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”“A roast-pork sandwich with applesauce and sage-and-onion chutney, ma’am.”“Oh, delicious.

“Everybody respects everybody, and it’s very warm and loving, which is what really matters when you come down to it.

Prince Charles wanted this for a very long time, and you can tell he’s very happy by just seeing him.

Trash bins have been sealed in heavy-duty plastic, and the local police are out in force, as well as Beefeaters armed with automatic rifles.

Their Royal Highnesses made the 250-mile trip up from London on the Royal Train, which has eight deep-purple coaches adorned with the crest of the House of Windsor and interiors decorated in dark-green velvet; they spent the night on a siding outside the train station in Darlington, the largest nearby city. ” he bellowed when I asked how he thought the Duchess was taking to her new royal duties.)Prince Charles stepped off the train first, followed by Camilla.

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