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The Bush administration seeks Congressional funding for marital assistance services for single welfare recipients.

A candidate for California Governor runs on a singles platform in 2003 and a Video Introductions member is also a candidate.

Video Introductions expands internationally with members in the Philippines and in Russian countries. Exclusive partner compatibility assessment software is developed.

Norman Mickey submits an original, innovative concept and proposal to President Clinton's task force on welfare reform, to help single welfare recipients get off of public assistance through dating and marital assistance services.

"It's important to take some risks - to disclose something about ourselves when we want to meet somebody...Full-length, good quality video interviews are available on Video Introductions website.Together dating emerges from bankruptcy as The Right One/Together Dating and is back to the same old high pressure sales tactics, false promises, consumer complaints, high priced memberships and is rewarded with millions of dollars in fast paced annual revenue growth.The first partner compatibility test for singles is devised by Norman Mickey and Ph. There's clearly (inappropriate) sales pressure in most of the dating organizations that I'm aware of, and the person is in an emotional state and is susceptible to that pressure.And because some singles feel reluctant to complain because they've been taken (advantage of) about admitting that they're single and perhaps lonely, they don't often complain to the right agencies.

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