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##Technical Stuff The heavy lifting in this project will be almost entirely Java Script.

Basic client-side code will be handled by libraries like j Query and possibly canvas manipulation with Kinetic JS.

This flexibility allows the eye to change focus from objects that are far away to objects that are close.

People with presbyopia have several options to regain clear near vision.

You may notice that you need to change your eyeglass or contact lens prescriptions more frequently than you used to.

While on the site visitors will be able to browse and find exes, initiate and participate in multiple chats at once, and receive messages from exes that initiate with them.

Visitors will also be able to find “matches” by specifying personal information like age, sex, sexual orientation, residing city, and interests.

The goal is to create a setting that promotes feelings of natural discourse through computer-mediated forms of communication (web-chat) while remaining transparent of the fact that none of the people the user is chatting with are actually real.

The website, will be modeled as a sort of cross between an online dating service and an anonymous chat application.

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