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All appears well, but then a couple of months later the calendar is outdated. How do we allow users to open the live, active calendar? I came across this issue today, a client had the problem where they used public folders in exchange 2010 and when a user actioned an email such as replied or flagged the mail in the public folder then then another user when they went to the same email would not see that the email had been actioned or flagged.Some (rare) characters seem not to translate well to the Navigation Pane xml-file and will cause the writing or loading of it to abort.If it fails when writing, the xml-file is usually 0KB (see the If you’re not having any shutdown issues and you’ve disabled all your add-ins to troubleshoot this, it could be that you have a corruption in your mail profile.When a public folder are mail enabled and add it as a member of any distribution group, email sent to the group will be automatically added to the public folder for future reference.

If you are making use of shared calendars in Outlook 2016 you may find that not all appointments are showing in the calendar or are disappearing.

High availability for the public folder mailboxes is provided by a database availability group (DAG) Primary hierarchy mailbox: When a first public folder mailbox is created, it will become Primary hierarchy mailbox (Public Folder Master Hierarchy Mailbox) and this will be the only writable copy of the Public Folder Hierarchy.

Secondary hierarchy mailboxes: Any Public Folder mailboxes created later called as Secondary hierarchy mailboxes, these mailboxes will be read-only copy of the Hierarchy.

We have a Company Calendar that is saved in the Public Folders.

Usually with new computers or users, we find the calendar from the Public Folders in the Folder List, and copy over to the calendars on the individual's computer.

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