Mtv dating violence

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For those who aren't aware of how this situation first went down, police were alerted to an Indianapolis address on Friday, July 5, at a time after a.m.

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The longtime star is set to return to court later this month after bailing out of jail the day after her arrest, and if she gets convicted, TMZ's sources say it'll be the last straw for MTV, which has maintained its relationship with Portwood through some controversial convictions in years past.

Normally, the domestic battery charge is a misdemeanor, but given that fact that Amber has previously been convicted of domestic battery (and felony domestic battery in the presence of a child), that misdemeanor charge is elevated to a felony. Detractors are quick to point out that there appears to be a bias in regards to female-on-male domestic violence.

They pose the hypothetical of a dad on the show, who was previously convicted of domestic violence and drug charges, allegedly attacking a mom and her infant child with a deadly weapon.

Other plans include an online platform to report domestic violence and make it easier for women to file complaints against their attackers and the creation of a GPS tool to help locate emergency shelters for women suffering from domestic abuse.

In 2016, 123 women were killed by their partners or former partners.

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