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She recognized that the job would only serve the purpose of paying her bills and transforming her from a black-uniformed New Yorker into a sun-kissed West Coast girl. Today’s episode features the coolest financial advisor on the planet, Paco de Leon, and she’s truly THE BEST.What she didn’t know was that she’d actually be helping a serial con-man scam small businesses in Southern California. Found of The Hell Yeah Group, Paco is the co-host of Refinery29’s Money Diaries and considers herself to be your financial friend. She’s the easiest person to talk to about money that Sue and Caity have ever met. We all occasionally suspect that energy healers and new age stuff is kind of BS, but investigative journalist for the Daily Dot, Nayomi Reghay, proved that our suspicions are sometimes correct, unfortunately.Hope you have as much fun listening to the episode as we had making it!xoxo, Sue & Caity In this episode, Caitlin and Sue break down the fresh-out-of-the oven college admission scam led by Rick Singer, with comedian, current college student, and scam-spondent Mackenzie Thomas.

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We’re talking about bits and pieces of lots of little things. She couldn’t have done it without her second-in-command Sophie Lyons and, well, Sophie lived a wild one.Scammers, swindlers, and con-artists: they’re all woven into the fabric of what it means to be an American.We even live in a time where a reality TV star can scam his way into the White House!And he’s been playing cards since he was a mere baby, so he’s truly an legendy.He even fondly recalls being given free cigarettes in a casino at the ripe young age of 15.

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