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People use poorly defined phrases like "Russia hacked the election" & "Russian interference" because they sound a lot more consequential than what the Russian government is actually alleged to have done in 2016. Just because Trump says it doesn't make it untrue. will begin a phased withdrawal from Syria, which according to his critics, would only benefit ISIS who they say is still operational and would welcome a U. ⁦@Tucker Carlson⁩ offers a devastating critique interventionism and shows how much of the foreign policy establishment has failed the American people. Is there more has so far stuck to an anthology format – though there are occasional nods suggesting that all seasons take place in a shared fictional universe, a new set of lead characters has featured in each entry so far.

Of the second season's main cast, only Rachel Mc Adams' Ani survived, disappearing to lead a new life with Frank Semyon's widow Jordan (Kelly Reilly), while the fate of the third season's lead characters is, of course, yet to be revealed.

For a brief period, it appeared a third season might not happen at all.

When it did eventually materialise, almost four years had passed since season two had aired.

appears to have redeemed the moody HBO crime series in the eyes of critics and fans, following its widely panned 2015 outing.

But has it done enough to secure the show's future beyond its latest eight-episode run?

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