Jessica chobot dating

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She also soon became the event coverage of IGN Gamebreaks, The Daily Fix, IGN Strategize (& Xbox Live), for FOX Television and more.

In year 2006, Chobot was hired full-time by to host the network's IGN Weekly show.

Her pictures can be checked out in various internet sites.

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Previously, she has also worked for FHM UK,, and made appearances on G4's "Filter" and "Attack of the Show! Chobot has also worked as a guest on Maxim Radio, where she answers questions of the callers for an hour.

Chobot had her first TV appearance by appearing in the ad of Sony PSP in 2005.

She was seen licking the PSP which was her first exposure in the media.

To become a Chobots Agent, You have to be nice and become friends with many agents.

But we do not know who it is It is Diggy simmons there was a video of them together on youtube but later jessica and Diggy had it deleted but currently no one knows about this relationship but the people who saw the video before if was deleted they are i guess trying to keep it a secret.

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