Jane austen guide to dating

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"Jane Austen's Guide to Dating," by the British novelist Lauren Henderson, manages all three -- yet still comes off as dusty and irrelevant.

One section leads off with a pithy quotation about Sir Walter Elliot (whose "good looks and . ("Again and again in ' Emma,' Frank says the absolute opposite of what he means.

This is strategic planning to be sure, but the book lacks deeper insights.

It will, however, generate demand owing to Kent's scheduled media appearances. Warren, psychologist and creator of the successful online matchmaker e Harmony.com, has assembled a guide based on his research and insights from the 2500 successful marriages fostered by the web site.

And while Henderson acknowledges that times have changed, she seems to long for the days of dowries-for-rings.

Henderson (who moved here to be with her American boyfriend, then stayed when things didn't work out) says she wrote her book as an aid for those led astray by recent American relationship guides ("The Rules," "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus" and so on) and faulty counsel from friends.

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