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We also sacrificed thousands of our own soldiers lives.

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She's popping up in every single thread about poor people.He waited and waited until it was finally too late. When people do not have insurance, they often forgo care that would identify problems treatable now, but perhaps fatal if not caught. Thus, the lower and middle class people are going to be forced to pony up the money so that all these people who are choosing to die because of lack insurance, even though they're perfectly able to get insurance, can be saved from their own irresponsibility. And yes, that is gross, tho I would have used a much more mature turn of phrase.Huh - I thought Appendicitis hit fast (it did with me - woke up feeling ill, finally saw a doc a littler after 12, was in surgery soon after that). Do you really believe that people without insurance -- all people? even some smaller but significant percentage of people? First, I don't believe that all people are without insurance because of stupid things they have done, but they can be handled by minor changes in the insurance laws.The net cost of the coverage expansions would be more than offset by other spending changes that CBO estimates would save 9 billion over the 10 years, and by other tax provisions that JCT and CBO estimate would increase federal revenues by 9 billion over the same period.(The 9 billion figure includes 4 billion in additional revenues estimated by JCT apart from the excise tax on high-premium insurance plans and billion in additional revenues from certain Medicare and Medicaid provisions estimated by CBO. Tell you what - if you can get them to quit spending the money on wars, I'll reconsider my opposition to paying to insure everyone in the country.

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