Instant cam fun

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This puts an end to wasting film on images where someone's eyes are closed.This alone could mean a considerable long-term savings over direct-to-print models like the Mini 90.That said, my favorite feature of the LCD isn't the ability to review so much as the animation that happens when you print: It scrolls your image up off the screen at almost exactly the same speed the actual print emerges from the camera.It's a nice touch that makes that digital-to-real-world transition more immediate and fun.If you want to edit, you'll need to do that in another app.Not having a built-in editor isn't much of a drawback given how many good photo-editing apps are available these days.You can set the effects for the three shortcut buttons and trigger the shutter for group photos, complete with a live view.The app is leaps and bounds better than Fujifilm's existing app for Instax printers, which has always felt clunky.

The rounded body of the Li Play is easy to hold and reasonably pocketable. The options range from hearts to antlers to a dozen or so other overlays.

The printer feature is called Direct Print and it is just that.

Unlike the app for Instax printers, which allows you to lighten images, crop, add contrast, and so on, this one offers nothing but a way to print the image as it is on your phone.

Using the same credit-card-sized Instax film as previous releases, like our favorite Instax, the Mini 90, the Li Play offers a more pocketable form factor.

It also has a glass lens and is an impressive stand-alone mini printer.

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