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But can they convince a popular fraternity to help them stay?

Will his new surroundings make him want to start fresh, or will his own demons continue to pull him down a path of self destruction? Through many twists and turns this does explain why Hunter, because of Shawn, got banned from Wal-Mar Edge has had enough of Jeff. Will Matt find his brother before Edge gets sick of his new pet? Full of freaks and losers, Jeff and the others are close to losing their house forever.

Although The Rated-R superstar understood what the WWE wanted to capitalise on the story, it didn't make the situation any easier on him. I put myself in this position, so I only got myself to blame.

"Well, I understood it from a business standpoint, and I always try to look at it from Vince's standpoint," Edge said. So, alright, you reap what you sow, so let's go sow it and reap it, I guess.

When the affair with Edge happened, WWE ended up writing all of that drama right into storylines, and it led to some extremely memorable moments.

In the summer of 2005, Matt Hardy returned to WWE full-time after having disappeared for a little while when the affair between Edge and Lita became public knowledge.

Fans had found out about all of this, and the company ended up bringing it into WWE events, and that is when the storyline was born.

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Their lives are on the line as the predators come out to play. Getting into Danielson Boarding School is hard enough, but getting in disguised as a girl is even harder when no one is supposed to find out your secret. Interests sparks in the Motor City Machine Guns and they are determined to make her one of them. She seems to get along fine, but the Knockouts and Immortal don't like her and someone is still following her. With breakups, betrayals, sex scandals, new students, and more, check out what happens in the one, the only, WWE High.So we felt that way, so it was easy to portray that on TV." How difficult was it to have his life unravel on live television? And I'd say that was probably, like, the most stressful point of my career, just from a personally taxing standpoint.According to Edge, it was the most stressful time of his career. For a while, Lita was in a storyline relationship with Kane, but she turned on him to fully align herself with Edge.This was all during the time that Lita’s real-life relationship with Matt Hardy was coming to an end, and her affair with Edge (Adam Copeland) was turning into a relationship.

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