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She’s only interested in a fake relationship, but I want her forever. Author's Note: Hot Damn is a full-length, standalone romance novel! This book was funnier than I expected it to be and had a fair amount of steam in it but, my favorite in the book was Christopher, Maddys son, he was simply adorable.

I met Maddy when I pulled her out of a burning building. Except she w Maddy is a hot single momma with attitude. Someone who’ll go on dates with her, dote on her toddler, and treat her like the hottie she is. I spend more time fantasizing about her curvy body than doing my damn job. For a limited time, it comes with a copy of Lady and the Champ, romantic comedy, and two other bad boy books! Maddy and Jesse both agree to a mutual understanding that they will be a fake couple ea h having there reasons. So, there were some things I liked about this one, and some stuff that just irked the crap out of me. I liked that the hero wasn’t terrified of Maddy’s child.

I mean it all worked out fine so no biggie but still.

What annoyed me was the main characters insecurity about how she looked.

Fate brings them together again when Thor, Jesse's sister's cat that he now has, is taken to the vet because he doesn't get along with Jesse.

Maddy works st the vet and does pet psych on the side. From their unorthodox meeting, to her temper and his psychotic cat - you are drawn in and rooting for them to get together.

She might as well have tattooed, “Oh, I’m so ugly and plain and nerdy that no hot guy would ever want me” on her chest.

Maddy suffered (almost terminally) from what I call Bella Swan syndrome.the sexy times were off the charts HOT the H and h have a electric chemistry that th This was such a good book I thought the way Maddy and Jesse was a funny and every woman's fantasy come true .the sexy times were off the charts HOT the H and h have a electric chemistry that they cant deny .The building is on fire (albeit a small fire that wasn’t terribly dangerous).Jesse is doing his job by getting Maddy out of the building.

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