Hanna beth dating trace cyrus Payphone live camgirls

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Jefreemama e., July 11, 2008LOL I love how when it comes down to fighting or something jeffree is too much of a pussy cunt to do shit. If trace does fight him, i hope it fucks up his face even more; cause when i look @ jeffree star i see this. July 11, 2008That has to the least threatening message ive ever read.

Our readers will notice our markings in red, highlighting their grammatical mistakes. Solecisms aside, Sticky Drama cannot help for once having sympathy for Jeffree, assuming his allegations are correct.

because audrey was sick of hanna leeching on to her.

i think its about time audrey and hanna got a proper job and stopped trying to get famous.

ok so kinda wnt new chicks to blog about new ones..

nd i do not wnt them 2 be any sorta of wanna bee's or poser shit type of people so if u knw any1 link me up their myspace, facebook, twitter whtever shit nd send whatever things u knw bout them ok?

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