Greece voice chat sex

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No matter how many times a day Francis would harass her, she would always blush.

“Ohonho“You are possibly the laziest bastard I have ever met.” Heracles Karpusi opens his olive-hued eyes idly to meet a pair of (e/c) ones.

She didn’t even have to see to know it was the flirtatious blonde French man who had smacked her butt.

He maintained that the more we come to know ourselves, the greater will be our ability to reason and make choices that lead to true happiness.

You blushed lightly, not only because of what he said but the way he sexily whispered in your ear made your spine tingle and your body prick with pleasure-filled goosebumps.“R-really? “You have a sex rate that’s even higher than France’s? He grits his teeth in annoyance then gave you a charming and heart-warming smile turning you to his direction with the teasing tips of his fingers under your chin, his blue eyes staring into your (e/c) ones.“That may be true my sweet, ___,” he began leaning into your lips, the edge of it brushing against yours setting little pricks of fire onto your soft plump lips, “But quality makes up for quantity oui?

After all, the French are known for being one of the best lovers, n’est pas?

A familiar laughter rang through your ears as you turned around to see your favorite frenchie.“Bonjour, ma Cherie.” He smiled pulling you in for a hug.“Hey Francis.” You smiled hugging him back quickly. ” Suddenly Hercules’ snore was interrupted as he raised his head up looking up at the two hazy figures. Blinking softly he noticed it was you and France.“Oh…hey…” he yawned.“Come on Greece it’s time to go.” You said pulling on his arm. That messy brown hair and those piercing green eyes that could just stare into your soul, you knew you were falling for the sleepy man.

France looked at Greece and laughed softly.“Asleep again? He nodded and rubbed his eye softly.“Alright.” At that he got up slowly and gave a sleepy smile to you. France’s light blue eyes sparked in light jealousy at the sight of your skin changing to a redder pigment.“Mon Cher, didn’t you want to know why Greece was so lazy and slept on the time? Francis narrowed back.“Well yeah, I guess.” You shrugged. ” Greece chuckled softly bending over to whisper in your ear.“I have the highest sex rate in the world. France looked over at Greece wondering what was said to you.

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