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A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired.

In December, 1373, being employed in the king's service, he left England for Oeno A, FSas Kod Florenoe, and remained in Italy for nearly eleven months, but wo Bgaiu ficil him in London on Sovember ii, 137J. Whan hia lot waa to wake a-night, Hia inatrumentia wolde he dight, 4240 For to blowe and make eoun, Ofter than he hath encheaoun ; And walken oft upon the wal. Ful narwe aerohen and eapye ; 4245 Though he nought fond, yit wolde he lye^ Diaoordannt ever fro armonjre. He wolde a^yn, with notea newe, That he [ne] fond no womman trewe, Ke that he aaugh never, in hia lyf; 4J55 Unto hir huabonde a trawe wyf ; Ka noon so tal of Koneatee, That aha nil lani^ and maiy be Whaa that iha herath, or may eqpye. Mt tbo Q do not as I uy ; I tlrado tbon ran«t iri* gn M mi Mgnr, ~l.4t tbii B MDtiri Mi DHi art far mo f «4i» 1 .! And vrith Mr corda then to drain Wber-ao hem Inat, right at hir ' I drode they have Uioe bnmght Witbonte comfort, tbonght me sleethi Tbs M game wol bringe me to my dee Ut. tloorge's day (April Ji) in 1374, graiited our poet a pitcher of wine daily, to bo rotoived from the king's bntler, Ou Uay lu of tlio some }-ear, Chnncor took a lorn of a hoose in Aldgat«, fortho term of his life, from Uio Corpurntion of London ; but he altorwatds gave it up to a ftiond in October, 1586 ; and it is probable tliat he had censed to re^de ia it iir n year or mom previously. from the duke of Laimaster for the good service rendered by him nnd his wife Pbilippa to the said Duke, to hid consort, and to hia mother tho Qneeiu TTiis is tho first mention of Philippa Chaooer aa Geoffrey's -wife, thongh u Philippn Chaocer is mentioned as one of tho Ladies of the Chamber to Qncen Fliilippa, un September n, 1366, and mbseqaently. Ws find the oontnclad form Ml, fbr Udda U, in the J p. Uwt [ nuy bim tee, Wo nil nut that I cnrvd be Of tba peyn M that I ondore, 4.175 Nor or my cruel nvenlnre. If I bo pat ont of your grace, 443(1 Ai it ihal never been, I hope ; Than sholda t fallef Dj In vitnbope. Lovora she pat in ftel gret pnyn, And makith hem vitb wo to Uo Lo. It has been oonjactnred that Chancer was liot married till 1374, and that he married a relative, or at least some one bearing tho same unme as himself; bat this snppoaitio D is needless and Improbable ; there is DO reason why the Fhilippa Chaacer mentioneil in 13(16 may not have been already married to the poet, who was then at least 7fi years of age. In t J7S his mcome was increased by receiving from tho Ci-own(Sov Enibur B) tho custody of the lands and person of one Eilmond Stiiplegato, of Kent. Hir foir blbeeat duoeynth fsla, For die wol bibote, B^irly, And fkilen a Air ontraly. Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. Here it was that the poet spent his earliest days, and in an interesting paaasge in his Pardoneres Tale (lines 549-573X he incidentally displays his knowledge uf rarions wines and the ways of mixing them together. He hath to-day assailed Shame, 405a And chased awey, with gret manace, Bialacoil out of this place. gold cmbroiilery, gold braid, fringe wi Ui golden threads, B. You can search through the full text of this book on the web at | //books .google .com/I il-^.t i Harvard College Library FBOM TBK BEQUEST Or SAMUEL SHAPLEIGH CL1S3 OF 111* Lumauii at Bti Tiao k THE COMPLETE WORKS OF GEOFFREY CHAUCER II 3 55 " ** j! John Chaucer, the poet's father, was in attendance on Edward m. And swereth shortly that he shal Enclose h^ in a sturdy wal ; And al is for thy wikkednesse, 4055 For that thea faileth stnmngeaesst.

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