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Come together to get social with IGNITE each month at our Monthly Mixer!Make new friends, munch on some free appetizers, grab a drink and enjoy our amazing community!TIP: If you are not fond of typing on a phone or tablet, please consider completing and submitting your application on a computer. ================================APPLICATION GUIDELINES (7 steps)(1) All applicants must be at least 21 years of age.(2) Couples (and moresomes) MUST complete separate, individual applications, AND reference one another in each application.(3) If an existing member has recommended you:-- reference the existing member by both their actual name & Meetup name-- have the existing member message the membership team about you(4) A reasonably recognizable face photo must be used:-- no sunglasses-- no heavy filters-- decent resolution-- decent sizing-- cropped to include only yourself(5) Understand that your application will become your profile if you are approved:-- profiles are only visible to fellow SPLA members-- remember we are a private group(6) Read:-- What is the SPLA Level system?(https:// Care and Confidentiality (https:// What we look for in members (https:// THE REST OF THIS PAGE!Sex-positivity makes no moral distinctions among types of sexual expression, orientation, or identification, regarding these choices as matters of personal preference. Sex Positive LA is an actual real-life community of open-minded, living, and breathing people who all serve as volunteers.We provide a chance to explore, learn, and grow in a safe, welcoming, and consensual environment.Join the IGNITE Crew the first Saturday of each month as we IGNITE Your Status!Come out to Stacy’s for a few drinks with friends, take a stroll through the FREE Condom Bar, talk with The Pr EP Guy, and get your FREE Rapid HIV Test! Meet other guys in Phoenix who are looking to master the art of hookups, dating and relationships at IGNITE’s M4M Monday Night Chat!

Sex-positivity is about authentic, respectful, open communication, and being honest about your desires. Please only direct message people you have met in person and have permission to from them to contact them! Thank you for following our Application Guidelines and for taking the time to read about our community.

We believe that sexual energy is a powerful tool for transformation, healing, solidifying relationships, and building community, and we develop that energy by sharing ideas and experiences in both real world and virtual settings (Secret Facebook Groups & other Social Media.)Our real world events include classes, discussion groups, workshops, socials, parties, festivals, and more.

They range from member-hosted events (in homes, parks, restaurants, etc.), outings together such as burlesque shows, sex-positive theater, festivals, conventions or visit a dungeon or club together, to signature events (facilitated events like our snuggles, couple/triads massages, and parties including our Crush! We strive to keep events low cost (enough to cover expenses) and free when possible, but we sometimes do fundraisers, which cost a little more. Anyone can attend any Level 1 or Field Trip event that interests them, meaning you can invite friends and loved ones, however, if you wish to attend Level 2 or higher events you must successfully complete a REQUIRED Orientation and pay your annual dues.

Applications that do not follow the guidelines outlined below may be rejected outright without further clarification.

IMPORTANT: Please review the note below concerning the 1,000 character limit in writing out your application answers.

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