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Rachel launched Flip Me ( in 2010 and set out to bring flirting back to the real world.

Touted as the “future of flirting,” Flip Me is empowering women to get in touch with their inner tigress by giving them the confidence and the tools they need to make the first move. Newhouse School of Public Communications, Rachel De Alto planned and purchased media for various regional and national clients before deciding to go to law school.

Shouldn’t it be fun and exciting instead of feeling like scaling Mt. Enter Rachel De Alto, flirting and relationship expert.

She has been featured on a multitude of media outlets including LXTV New York, Cosmo Girl Sirius Radio, Martha Stewart Sirius Radio, WABC, and WNYW. Rachel is a member of the New Jersey State Bar Association and worked as a trial attorney for a Central New Jersey firm specializing in civil litigation prior to creating Flip Me.

We think we want to break up, then as soon as there's a little distance or drama or a bad date, we panic, worry that we made a mistake, and get back together again. So first, make sure this is something you really want to do—that this is, in fact, the wrong person or relationship for you.

Step Two: Give the News Directly and In Person Next, sit down face to face and know what you're going to say.

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