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I was scared he would send me back to the shelter, but instead he smiled and sat down on the bed and talked to me.That night he took me in his arms and gently masturbated me to my first orgasm.The web site (“the site”) is noncommercial and free to the public. Connick charged Vlliarubia with a sex offense crime with a minor. Con- nick created havoc where there was none." In the best tradition of District Attorneys. I have been prompted to write this letter to you by seeing a copy of your brochure that Samois has, as well as the copies of letters that you have sent Samois.The site and materials made available on the site, such as this file, are for reference only. Prob- lem was: the guy who was VHIarubia’s "vic- tim” (boyfriend, actually) was 28 years old! My own view u that sexual deviants, including S/M lesbians, induding “ordinary” lesbians and Gay men have no business passing judgment on or moving against other sexual deviants as long as safety and consent are held to.1 told him that night 1 loved him and wanted to remain with him forever.

.,v b^f t^inpt tq locate cuf fent,^P 6 st Off ice,; B^'p , -b / ,®f NAMBLAy N ,pr.d^f'’fthat inyestigatipn.b^^^^ , b prey iq u s i y ; r p q ue ate d h y • S an ’ Fran c is c 0 - ’ m ay- b e ^ , ■ 'e.xe'. As soon as that went pubfic, the New Or- leans papers had a bail with that one. In typical fashion, he turned on the news reporters and their sources. Ho went on TV and said the reporters from the New Orleans Tlmes-PIca- yune and the paper Itself were “whores" for printing the stories about his alleged private “Jife.-~Hs-cslled-'a'grsnd-iury-to-haress-the- press. S, if they are to succeed, must be bui- lies of the worst stripe. This Is work many must enjoy; picking up faggot 14-year- olds, taking them down to the station, scar- ing the bejesus out of them, making them cry, smacking them — really, the perfect Other for a sadistic, repressed cop! Con- nick got forced confessions out of 10 boys, mostly street kids who hustled and who felt (quite correctly) that they were very vulner- able. on the one hand, said that these men abused the boys in the Boy Scouts while he “was the protector of all these boys.” One defendant wrote; “As I said at the outset, the Boy Scout label was a sham. under Connick (who left after these charges came down) left public service and became a public defender. A., who had left Connlck’s staff, gave an interview to New Orleans Magazine and said that Connick and cops had had extensive pre-programming sessions with the boy “victims” for them to get their lines rigm. I have written several articles over tlw past few years in defense of S/M and other sexual minority groups.

They discount the idea that the boys may actually be in an advantaged position or that boys may have the ability to exploit in some cases. Sincerely, Janet Schrim • GLAD TO HAVE MARK Dear Sir: 1 am a fourteen year old boy involved sexually with an older guy I happen to love very much. U for- my- older.frien d, Marje^ would probably be dead by now.

1 am sick and tired of listening to all these stories about boy-lovers and how perverted and sick they - are=-^'e S! When I was 1 1 years old my parents started to drink real heavy, and instead of buying food they bought a lot of booze.

O 3 CO Enclosures i Z) bills out of sequence in order “to make all your New -Orleans problems go away.” This lawyer had assured his client he had an inside track in the New Orleans D. When the lawyer and his Boston client finally showed up for trial in New Orleans (this lawyer didn’t even bother to fight extradition), they were eating in a French Quarter restaurant when the lawyer said: “Oh, by the way, I'm going to plead you guil- ty.” Which he did. Is ft possible Jacobs would have pushed this other Boston guy uptront for the O. But since Campbell knew Woodall, Cramer and Halvorsen, it's clear he was in a position to telt about the parties at Halvorsen' s artd elsewhere. it was Sialle, in 1978, while appearing as a witness at a rrrotion for new trial for Larry Phillips, who made it public that Connick and Campbell had been old quean lovers, etc. got a taste of hts own medicine, and it was quite bitter. Other cops have their own pat- ented-terrors that must woc K. Most of the boys used by police against these nine men were from broken homes, dependent on social services and/or worked the streets. 19B1 LETTERS • rrs so GOOD • BUILDING UNITY Dear NAMBLA and David Thorsiad, I am writing to you to lei you know that I am in support of your organization and its overa H pur- poses.

I DO NOT INC-: UD’'j 5 AD^Il Ni OTKATi VH 1'^ '*Ni XN 1 INVijlkil GATIVi S REPORT oil ^ O' ^ U|! Jacobs meanwhile, having perhaps set this guy up, was long gone. One reporter who talked with Campbell while he was In flight and after he was retuired to the Parish of Orleans said he was a strange man, sort of paranoid, very nervous and not at all trusting. The local authorities promised him that if he pleaded guilty to 2 counts and ap- peared as a witness for them, he would not go to jail. Sialle kept up his end of the b^ain, but the authorities gave him a 15 year aen- tence. D., hangs boys over cliffs by their feel and threatens to kill them If they don’t talk. This is a standard feature, as we have seen, in all these “Sex Ring” panics launched by crooked D. Under the banner of "protecting the little children,” the law enforcement agencies regularly terrorize boys, threaten their families with cut-offs In welfare or other payments, or actually remove them from their own homes and place them In foster care situations or in police-monitored homes. He and his whole Committee went down to that torpid Southern city to take testimony. said that New Orleans had “one of America’s largest concentration of gambling houses.” They concluded that organized crime flourished there as in few other places, and It did so with the help and assistance of corrupt “sheriffs, marshals and other law en- forcement officials.” The more things change 22 NAMBLA NEWS FAU.

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