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See more → During the early 1930s Waddington’s were involved in the Wills gift scheme, where miniature cards were tucked into every packet of ten Goldflake or Capstan cigarettes which could be exchanged for full-sized packs. In the early days Waddington’s had a few playing card games such as Shop Missus, Grandfather's Whiskers, Bobs Y'r Uncle and Strip Tease.

In 1932 'Lexicon' was launched, in a tuck box, at 1/9d per pack.

During the 1960s Waddington’s bought La Ducale and then B. In 1974 the leek was added to the ace of spades Hasbro, a large toy company, bought Waddington's Games in 1994.

Waddington’s No.1 Playing Cards are still a best seller in Britain, but today they are marketed by Winning Moves, who bought the brand from Hasbro, together with Lexicon.

In 1924 they were accused of plagiarising De la Rue’s Ace of Spades, but the court case ended in Waddington's favour with photographic enlargements revealing many differences.

Above: an anonymous Ace of Spades with an elaborate design used by John Waddington Ltd, c.1925.

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They were introduced to the USA where sales were beyond expectations more → Left: RIO RITA radio talkie-musical playing cards double boxed set, made by John Waddington Limited c.1929.The remaining area provides ample space for mounting temporary exhibitions, two or three times a year, on various occasional themes.The collection has continued to grow, and though still dominated by Turnhout and other Belgian products, has interesting material from other countries and is currently being doucmented on a computerised database.In 1935 Ormond Printing was obtained, which meant that playing card production could be delegated to Eire. Packs from this time have cruder quality printing because all the key personnel had been redeployed NOTE: Any pack by Waddington’s that has DLR/Goodall courts has to be post-1941, when Waddington’s took over all printing of DLR cards because of the destruction of the latter’s factory in the Blitz.During the 1930s Waddington’s produced Scandinavian-style packs for Holmblads (S. Except for Worshipful Company packs from 1943 onwards, Goodall courts in Waddington’s packs generally date from the early to mid-1950s.

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