Dating scams turkey

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Yet, there are so many horror stories of people spending tens of THOUSANDS of dollars on fake stones and jewellery which turn out (upon the victim returning home) to be worth less than the shirt on my back as I write this, and it’s not a nice shirt.The ‘authenticity’ certificates are, um, not authentic, OH THE IRONY!!You have cash and are only going to be in town for a day or so, which means that you’ve paid and are gone before you know anything about it and there’s no chance of going back somewhere and kicking someone’s arse..

Worst case scenario (which happens btw), they ‘escort’ you to a nearby ATM where you withdraw all the cash in your account out for them and hand it over, damn.

As above, except replace the shoe shining kit with a taxi.

Use the meter or always negotiate a price before getting into the car. Like balls out really good quality clothes, watches, bags, shoes and leather products that look so real if I was Ralph Lauren or Rolex, I’d be more than a little miffed.

You negotiate for an item in Turkish Lira, you get offered beer, wine, Turkish delight, lots of product guarantees, warranties, authenticity certificates and eventually you trust the shop person. Unbeknownst to you when you enter your credit card details you’ve been charged in Euro’s not Lira and that’s a big difference.

Suddenly 1,000 Euros for that jacket doesn’t really seem worth it.

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