Dating on the gold coast

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Our goal at Gold Coast Matchmakers is for you to have that same experience with our service. We have all been there, the great looking date that is so much fun to hang out with.Conversation is great, along with everything else…so it seems.Here at Gold Coast Matchmakers, we are all too familiar with "The Technology Driven Quest to Find Love." With technology at your finger tips you can't escape the constant lure of your i Phone, i Pad or your computer to check for text messages, phone messages or e-mails from online dating sites.

It's even harder to gauge chemistry with someone you have never met except via email and phone.

You find yourself 6-months into the relationship only to find they don't share your relationship goals.

At Gold Coast Matchmakers we work with serious, relationship-minded singles.

At Gold Coast Matchmakers, we do all the work, you have all the fun! With Gold Coast Matchmakers there is no need to give up your day job in an effort to find love, 24/7 on the Internet.

The personal matchmaking team at Gold Coast Matchmakers do that for you!

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