Dating godin guitars

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La Patrie guitars also feature a Custom Polished finish, which is reminiscent of the French polish of the 19th Century.This Custom Polished Finish, as opposed to "thick" polyester finishes, allows the top not only to be protected but also to breathe and vibrate freely allowing the effective and very important “aging” process to take its course.

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As part of the new design, the top has a slight (7 meter radius) curve slightly above the soundhole which then levels out around the bridge of the guitar.Seagull guitars feature a headstock which places the tuning machines roughly in line with the nut to improve tuning stability.Most models are available with either the Godin Quantum I electronics (featuring an under saddle transducer) or the Godin Quantum II electronics (with both a transducer and small microphone which can be blended together).They’re meticulous in every aspect of building these guitars, which leads them towards the creation of an exceptional instrument that they themselves can be proud to name after the very place they are from. All La Patrie guitars are crafted from top quality tone woods to produce instruments of exceptional resonance and structural integrity.All La Patrie guitars feature select pressure tested solid cedar tops.

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