Dating girl in punjab dating female cops

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Six pack abs and pin-up bodies is what the new breed of Punjabi guys.

specially when you are in the gym you’ll get enough guys to die for. They actually do not need to do anything to impress you because their physique is enough to do that.

From chole bhature to rasgullas, the couple would always have the best to offer.

The right balance of being coy and being loud—Being loud would no more be sinful for the Punjabi guy while the Bong girl would well know how to be all coquettish!

Your self confidence would be on cloud 9 Yes i mean if you have some flaws which you often discuss with him.Actually you will experience every best and the best part is very soon you will be official Bhabhi ji to all of his friends. Yes he will always be loyal to you and will respect you like anything and he know each and everything about you, may be he is not able to express his feelings to you. there would be time for sure when you will complain him about this show off part that if you actually love me why do you always end up so dumb when it comes to sharing your feelings.and believe me that day he’ll behave so innocent and will even make you cry.And They have the looks to Die for They undoubtedly are one of the best looking races in the world. Girls who go weak in the knees for broad chests, then Punjabi’s are the guys for you!Imagine getting wrapped in those arms as he pulls you closer into an embrace.

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