Dating calico fabric

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Bolton thumb glove – a glove with the glove thumb piece and its quirk are cut in one. – the German name for the glossy, tightly curled fleece of the fetal or newborn karakul lamb, and occasionally that of lambs of other varieties.Bosom friend – a shaped tippet of wool, flannel, or fur, and later a knitted scarf, which kept the chest warm and served as a bust enhancer for less well endowed women. It has a distinctive tight, whorled, loopy surface with its slight sheen. Broadtail – the glossy, tightly curled fleece of the fetal or newborn karakul lamb. Linen was sold unbleached, and higher quality linen would be bleached, which cheaper, coarser linen would be left ‘brown’ and used for undergarments and summer clothes by the poor. Burnous – (also burnoose and bournouse) a full, hooded cloak, often decorated with embroidery and tassels and inspired by the burnous worn as part of the uniform of the Spahi.

Chiné a la branche is the 18th century term, and almost exclusively referred to a silk fabric. The term now usually refers to floral designs, rather than to the fabric itself. Cloque – a fabric similar to matelasse, in aesthetic, in that it imitate quilting, looking like a fine brocade with three dimensional padded areas, but with a slightly different weave. See also Marseille’s cloth, pique de Marseilles, woven quilting and marcella. 1800s-1940s, with corsage being used equally for bodice and flowers from the 1890s onward.

Its aim is to provide a brief definition of vintage and historical fashion and textile terms, with links to articles which explore and illustrate the history of the term in more depth. Also spelled allamode, elamond, ali-mod, olamod, alemod, arlimode, and ellimod, and sometimes called mode.

The dates at the end of each definition are the dates in which the term was most commonly used. 1670s-1800 Agnello di Persia – the glossy, tightly curled fleece of the fetal or newborn karakul lamb.

______________________________________________________________ Acetate – a manufactured natural fibre of the rayon family, made from cellulose dissolved in an acetate solution. Used mainly for morning attire, cloaks, and linings.

1830s-50s (fabric), Alamode – a thin, plain tabby weave, lustred silk, usually black.

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