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The very definition of love in the Irish dictionary lists branches of that 'malady' that may come as a surprise.

Apart from love being love, affection, or charity, it is also unshared affection, a love of one in absence, a love of the unseen and a love of the little jug which of course, is a drink.

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But not for the Irish, for whom everything is more copious, more trenchant and in the Doomsday Book, probably more consequential.

Compared to what we now accept as not even fodder for juicy gossip, our behavior today would have been cause for talk, threats of ex-communication and that most dreaded of all situations - shame.

If one is to believe the available data, Ireland was one of the most chaste nations in Europe up to the 1940s.

It is to be thirsty in the night and unslaked in the day. It is to drip one's blood as one walks." (Early Irish - no author attributed) *Weeds - Irish slang for clothes In the next day or so, there will be many of us who will be searching for the perfect Valentine card.

When you've found it, perhaps you'd like to add one or more Irish phrases from our Basic Irish Language.

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