Dating a pothead problems

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As long as the two of you can smoke on something, you’ll never be bored. Weed smokers, by nature, typically aren’t high-maintenance (neither of those puns were intended).

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Although you might’ve spent the better portion of the day bickering with your girl over something you’ll probably forget about, once you both finally settle down, and smoke on something together, you’ll remember why you’re together in the first place: because you're happiest when together. Weed allows you to appreciate the subtle beauties of life, like a day spent walking around in the summer – or a night spent laying on the beach – blasting Tracy Chapman on max volume, blowing Swisher smoke, singing off-key.

Trust me, there’s nothing sexier than watching a chick finesse a joint, or the fronto, with just a pair of elegant, manicured, hands – or split a Dutch with one, red painted, fingernail.

I guess it’s a visual thing, but it never gets old – at least not for me.

As long as you stay grounded with your ambitions, there’s always a time to catch a .

Simply put, by dating a stoner girl – you’ll always be laughing. With regard to relationships, laughter always seems to be the great equalizer.

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