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Depending on the person, color is a factor in what attracts, distracts, arouses, or intimidates us and we are not even aware of it most of the time.

In athletics, researchers are starting to show that red substantial impacts performance whether it is the actual aggression that is outputted by the athlete, or the intimidation felt from the competitor in response to the color red.

By wearing red, we potentially enhance our dominance and because our opponent sees us wearing red we simultaneously reduce theirs.

Fortunately, most of us will rarely find ourselves in the sort of combative situation where it will be necessary to personally test if wearing red does indeed provide an edge.

Have you ever wondered if the colors of the uniform have an influence on individual or team performance?

Or do you just brush that thought off as silly superstition?

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Regardless of the test employed, it quickly became apparent that the cardboard signs each man was asked to gaze at first had a remarkable influence over their subsequent physical performance. One of these cues is color, influencing a wide array of decisions and behaviors from how competitive or creative we are, to who we find attractive on dating sites and even if we’ll say ‘Yes’ to the offer of a second helping at next weekend’s dinner party. Even though her nominative connection to the color green didn’t hinder Jade Jones from winning a gold medal in the women’s taekwondo at the London 2012 Olympics, one wonders if her red outfit might have helped.A study by Russell Hill from Durham University and published in Nature suggests that it might well have.In reviewing the outcomes from four different Olympic combat sports where contestants were randomly assigned either red or blue outfits, Hill found that those who wore red won significantly more often than those in blue.Color influences perceptions that are not obvious, enhances the effectiveness of things that seem irrelevant, heavily compels people, and applies itself in marketing and branding.” Without you being consciously aware, when you are choosing what you want to wear on a date or even selecting the certain colors that you want to implement in your company’s new logo, color certainly plays a role in what you decide.In the color wheel displayed, you can see that each color has a different emotion, physical bodily state, or virtue that is associated with it.

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