Can we still be friends after dating

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Both have good jobs and recently they set up a joint bank […] I beg of you don’t say goodbye Can’t we give our love another try?

Come on, baby, let’s start anew ‘Cause breaking up is hard to do…

The circumstances of our break-up were mainly decided by distance, made complicated by my mother’s (at the time) lack of liking for him.

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That’s much the way things are again now—and I had missed it … ♦◊♦ Nine months ago, I made the decision to marry my husband, to take the vows and make our love and happiness legal and public.Do you defer to his feelings, as innocent as your motives may be?Or do you go on the defensive, constantly reminding your spouse that you’ve done—are doing—nothing wrong?Neil Sedaka may have been guilty of understatement. Breaking up is not just hard to do; it can be a life trauma on a par with the death […] Want to move your relationship onto the next stage but can’t get your partner to commit?

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