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After a couple of weeks I noticed things coming up missing in my room and also noticed that my door has been tampered with even though I had installed s lock on it. AWESOME Just downloaded the app too both my phone and spare phone and it works. Caught the thieving SOB I am a renter in a home with other tenants. It has all the features you'd need and operates in a simple and intuitive layout. I have a home security system with an indoor cam and an outdoor cam already... And a few more remote switches to the cameras would be good (set times to record), but it's not bad at all. Great App Excellent Support This app works great with my old galaxy s2 phones.Each button is clearly labeled so even users who are not tech-savvy can figure out how to work the dash cam easily.The 312GW’s camera has a viewing angle of 140 degrees and can record 720p video at 60fps or 1080p video at 30fps.Night vision also makes nighttime and dark videos more visible.

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These tiny car cameras stick to your windshield and silently record driving footage, capturing all the strange, mundane, and perilous things going on in front of your car.

In addition to peace of mind during daily commutes, they can provide information footage to law enforcement, insurance companies, and other parties in accident situations, monitor your car when you're not around, and sometimes capture fun videos of you and your friends on a road trip.

The dash cam’s 2.5×1-inch display shows the road ahead of you and can turn off completely with the device’s sleep mode.

Its bezels are filled with handy buttons that let you quickly snap photos and change camera settings like video resolution, audio recording, G-sensor sensitivity, and more.

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