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Because Shinji has no plans of teaching Ichigo unless he joins the Vizard, Ichigo decides to fight him hoping to beat it out of him.Hiyori notices that Ichigo, afraid that he will lose control to his hollow, is holding back and decides to join take Shinji's place in the fight.As a battle determined by intelligence as opposed to pure strength, one would think this to be a boring fight, but Mayuri and Szayelaporro make this a fight interesting enough for and worthy of the number 9 spot.In a fight between the strong and smart it's always very one-sided: either the muscle easily beats up on the brains or is completely outsmarted.Perhaps the best thing of the Arrancar Arc is that just about everyone meets their match.Having broken into Hueco Mundo to save Orihime, almost all of the captains of the Gotei 13 meet an Espada that pushes them to their limits.The mantra repeated throughout this fight is "if your enemy's weapon turns to your weapon, then the opposite is true." Hitsugaya's ice-type zanpakutou paired up against Harribel's water based zanpakutou creates a truly exciting back and forth fight.

After toying with Szayelaporro, Mayuri shows that he is the smartest by constantly being one step ahead of his opponent and always prepared for the unknown.Along with Naruto and One Piece, Bleach was considered a member of the "Big 3," the 3 best and most popular shounen anime and manga of the early 2000s.And with the anime well behind us, the manga having recently finished and the recent announcement of a live-action film, what a better time to revisit what made earned Bleach its spot amongst the greats.The fight later continues and shows exactly why Starrk is the Primera Espada, as he is able to quickly understand the rules of Shunsui's zanpakutou and provide a great fight, even though his opponent has the upper-hand.Shunsui eventually leaves the fight as the victor, but not after a grueling battle.

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