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2) There is no paper/cloth label inside the sound chamber.The only visible marking reads "Alvarez Hand Made", and it appears to have been burned into the wood.The only difference that I can see is it does not appear that the "for sale" instrument has "The" before Alvarez on the headstock, but that could very well be the angle/quality of the photo.It is even the same case with the funky yellow lining.I am a new mandolinist (there are more than enough guitar players in the world, so I needed a change), and the info on this site is invaluable to my education.Thanks for your time, Matt Matt, I don't know how much help I can be but I bought one new in 1978 that some what matches your description.The only difference is Jan Bloom made me an engraved truss rod cover and, I had to get a new case.I have a slight "sinkage" problem but not dangerous. Is that the small pawn shop right on the corner of Main and Rt. I have been past that place several times in the last year and never thought to stop --that they would have had a Dove in there would never have remotely occured to me.

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Thanks for any help, and keep up the good work on the site!

6) I do not know much about wood grain, so I am unsure of the material of the fretboard. The pattern is tighter than that of my rosewood fretboard model instruments, but "looser" than the ebony on my double bass. As I previously stated, I cannot find any info on this mandolin.

The color is that of ebony, so I am thinking it is either a dark, more tightly-grained rosewood, or a lesser-grade ebony (although the radiused board on the bass makes it harder to see the grain pattern). Also, the fret marker inlays are a block-style, not dots. 7) The binding is white, but I have no idea what the material is. I have contacted the company, and they either cant, or wont help me.

This must have been 25 years ago or so that this trade happened.

If this place is like the other "Flea Markets" around, it's likely it's deteriorated over time...................has lot's of impacts.

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