Allen iverson dating

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He doesn't care if you think he's broke ("Far from it," he says), in a custody battle or addicted to one vice or another."I used to be like, 'Nothing bothers me,'" he says. A facemask Iverson would use on varsity was his favorite present.

One's social standing would soar with the simple act of securing a phone number.

But invincible athletes weren't concerned with the lessons of those who came before. On Valentine's Day in the winter of '93, the night of the most notorious event in recent Peninsula history, Jackson waited at teammate Xavier Gunn's house for their friends to return from Circle Lanes. But he was Allen Iverson, so it didn't matter."Allen," said Moore just after midnight, "we're going to need a lawyer."Tawanna wanted to do something special for his birthday. When he arrived home one afternoon, they were arranged in a row like a car show.

This amused some in his circle, because even though Iverson loved cars, he rarely drove.

No one ever seemed to check the rearview before they did so. Moore, or whoever drove Allen, faced unrelenting constant pressure. "For real."It wasn't unusual for Iverson to be attached to whomever he was dating, but Jackson had never heard Iverson say he loved a girl before and was slightly taken aback."That's great, Chuck.""Man, you not hearing me," Iverson implored.

Tiny, personal moments that begin to reveal the measure of a man. The blank spaces replaced instead by assumption, disregard and resentment toward the thing we couldn't figure out. But his complexity, his truth led us to real emotional paydirt. We fetishized his authenticity while giving him complete control over its application. He's got a holster full of zingers and revels in a direct hit. He drops them off at school most days then runs an errand or two. He's a big fan of Ronda Rousey."Could you beat her in the Octagon? In the evening, he and Tawanna will watch a movie or two before going to sleep."I live such a normal life," he says. He wants you to know this."I'm not sitting on the Internet looking for good stories about me. But OK, then what about the f----d-up one they just wrote? In his late 20s, he got a job as a forklift operator at an Avon cosmetics distribution plant where Ann worked in the packaging department. Every boy wanted to date a girl who worked there because the prettiest girls in the city worked there. She was far from impressed with the skinny boy with the raspy voice and clever words. She was a sales clerk at Deejay's, a trendy clothing store in the Coliseum Mall. It could actually be dangerous getting Iverson to games on time. One time after being scooped up around three in the morning, Iverson sat in the passenger seat of the Jack Mobile and was strangely quiet. He knew the shortcuts, speed traps and the traffic lights that seemed to take forever. He knew the trip front to back."I used to get him in so much trouble," remembers Iverson.

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