21st century online dating

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Sergio is not opposed to the idea of online dating, but it just doesn’t fit his lifestyle at the moment, he added.

“Although I’ve never tried online dating, going out just seems easier for me,” Sergio said.

While she has tried online dating in the past, she prefers to meet people in person which she believes decreases the chances of meeting people she is not entirely interested in.

Cynthia said —while not looking for anything serious at the moment— she likes to go out with her friends to local bars in Santa Rosa because it’s an easy way to get to know somebody.

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From there it just flows.” Living in Wine Country can make it convenient to meet people while wine tasting, but for those who prefer a casual atmosphere Russian River Brewery, Bear Republic Brewing Co.

or Stout Brothers Irish Pub are also a good option to go out and start out a conversation with someone new, Sergio said.

“I usually meet people in the dance floor, it just seems like a natural environment,” said Sergio.

“You’re having a good time, they’re having a good time, and then you ask them to dance.

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